UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

Mod.En is guarantee of safe and reliable processes, of technologies punctually verified, in line with international regulations. Mod.En is certified IS0 9001:2015 for activities of design and production of modular equipments for quality control, of air-conditioned modular boxes and of load/unload systems.


Over the years Mod.En has increased its own activity of research and development, addressing its own efforts on particularly innovative projects.

DRAPO' PROJECT - Systems and Components for energy recovery and for the energetic efficiency of motor vehicles.

Being part of this research project, developed within the "Innovative Platforms" of the Automotive sector and coordinated by the CRF (Center Research FIAT), has allowed our company to strengthen the collaboration with one of the greatest global auto producers, with primary firms of the sector and with university research centers, offering our technical contribution in the development of experimental thermal exchangers and of the relative systems of fixing on the prototypal vehicle.

GREEN FACTORY 4 COMPO - Sustainable Manufacturing for high-performing composite products

It’s a project inserted in the Intelligent Factory Platform of the Region Piemonte, that proposes to develop innovative solutions of manufacturing to increase the employment of composite polymeric materials having elevated performances in respectful way of the environment, conjugating technical benefit to costs/investments and to a sustainable environmental and energetic impact.
The technical contribution of Mod.En consists in the development of a confined and protected environment for the lodging and the monitoring of a welding experimental plant.